Following the information that appeared in the public space about real-time phishing attempts against customers of some financial institutions in Romania, including those of Alpha Bank Romania, we would like to point out that none of the bank’s customers were affected by these fraud attempts and the phishing website in question was blocked yesterday, October 7.

Alpha Bank Romania attaches critical and immediate importance to cyber security both at the bank level and through the information it makes available to its customers in order to raise awareness of the security risks related to the virtual environment.

We invite customers to read the Guide on Internet Payment Security, available at:, and to follow closely the Alpha Online Banking messaging service where messages are constantly posted warning about possible fraud and preventive actions that can be taken by customers.

You should also keep a close eye on the Alpha Online Banking messaging service, where warnings about possible fraud and preventive actions that customers can take are constantly posted.

According to the guide, it is not recommended to access the bank’s Internet Banking site from a link received by email or SMS. Always navigate (by typing the address in your browser) to the official website and use the links there.

Links received by email may redirect you to a fake website controlled by the attacker. It can trick you into entering your login credentials on this fake attacker-controlled site.

To prevent cyber fraud situations:

  • Avoid, as far as possible, using unprotected e-mail to transmit commercially sensitive or confidential information (IBAN codes, passwords, payment details, etc.);
  • always use anti-virus software to protect your computers;
  • DO NOT make payments to new accounts that you have never used before, based on instructions received by e-mail and without first checking the validity of these accounts with your partners via other
    communication channels not related to e-mail. Fraudsters rely on this lack of verification, so if you do, you will successfully thwart the fraud attempt. Under no circumstances should you verify by e-mail or suggested means of contact via e-mail – we advise you to contact your partners directly, by known and secure means (telephone/fax numbers you have used in the past);
  • if you have made a payment to a wrong account, contact your bank as a matter of urgency in order to find out if there are any further possibilities to block/return the amounts involved;
  • We also encourage you to notify your local police authorities as soon as possible if you believe you have been the victim of such an attempted fraud.

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