Alpha Bank is the first bank in Romania to launch an app that turns your mobile phone into a POS. The bank announces that the solution is compatible with Android mobile devices and responds to the growing trend of digitalization.

Alpha Bank Romania recognizes the essential role that entrepreneurs and freelancers play in the development of the local economy, and supporting them is one of the bank’s fundamental objectives. With the launch of the app, the banking institution meets their needs to operate at an efficient and fast pace, opens the way to new opportunities for local business development and offers users more mobility.

Alpha PhonePOS will be usable without additional investment in equipment and consumables. With this innovative application developed in partnership with Provision and supported by VISA, entrepreneurs and freelancers will be able to accept payments with contactless debit or credit cards or via NFC-enabled devices such as smart phones, watches and wristbands.

Transactions via the app will be completely secure, in line with industry standards for contactless transactions, similar to a classic POS terminal and providing fast processing and access to payment history. These functionalities make the app a cost-effective tool and save users time.

“The launch of the new digital solution for accepting contactless card payments will certainly represent a revolution in the industry. This marks a first in the Romanian banking market, which is undergoing a digital transformation. With the launch of Alpha PhonePOS, Alpha Bank will strengthen its offer to Romanian entrepreneurs, providing them with one of the most advanced range of payment acceptance solutions currently available in the country”, said Cristian DragoČ™, Executive Vice President Aria Retail, Alpha Bank Romania.

“We are delighted that, together with Alpha Bank, we are preparing to launch a very simple, innovative and secure solution for accepting contactless payments by any merchant in Romania who owns an Android phone. It is a cost-effective and flexible service that creates new opportunities for a wide range of professions and in many areas such as taxi, courier and retail. Given the dynamics of the local market, the growing appetite of Romanians for technology, the fact that 9 out of 10 Visa card payments in Romania are contactless and mobile payments are gaining momentum, we are very confident that this solution will be successful and will contribute to the increasing acceptance of electronic payments in our country”, said Elena Ungureanu, Visa Country Manager in Romania.

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