Starting this week, Google Pay is available in Romania via the mobile apps of partner financial institutions.

With the growing demand for digital payments, Google has collaborated with MasterCard and Visa, as well as partner financial institutions, to bring a more secure, simple and convenient payment experience to Romania.

  • Google Pay is currently available in Romania through the following apps, with more to join later:
  • -Revolut
  • -Curve
  • -Transferwise
  • -ING Bank
  • -UniCredit Bank
  • -Banca Transilvania
  • -Alpha Bank
  • -CEC Bank
  • -Viva Wallet
  • -Orange Money

Although Google Pay is not available directly in Romania, customers of these financial institutions will be able to use Google Pay online and in any shop that accepts contactless payments via Visa or Mastercard. The technical solution is called “Google Pay as a service”, which allows card issuers to integrate Google Pay into their mobile payment applications.

To add a card to Google Pay, users need to open the bank’s app and go to the “Add to Google Pay” section. Once the card enrollment process is complete, the cardholder can pay contactless in-store with their phone or online at merchants that accept Google Pay. Once the card has been saved, it can be managed from the mobile device settings (Google > Account Services > Google Pay)

Security is a key element of Google Pay, so there are several levels of payment security. These include ‘tokenisation’, the payments industry standard solution, which involves transactions being made with a virtual card number (this acts as the token), specific to each device, and associated with a dynamic security code that changes with each transaction. This and other functionality will work alongside the protection solutions offered by card issuers. Also, if the cardholder has lost their phone or it has been stolen, they can use the ‘Find My Phone’ functionality to lock the device from anywhere, change the password or even wipe their personal data.

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