Sergiu Oprescu’s hobbies are fishing and painting. The head of Alpha Bank says he likes going to the Danube Delta for the feeling of wide open space and varied landscapes, and admits he has only once fished the sea but caught nothing. Alpha Bank’s executive chairman admits that his favourite painter is Constantin Piliuta, whose paintings he ”fell in love” with at an exhibition in 1980. All this and many other financial topics are covered in an interview with Wall-Street.co.uk, an already routine, unconventional one.
Sports is another banker’s hobby, especially swimming. The head of Alpha Bank says that in his youth he practiced judo and was impressed by the performances of Alina Dumitru and Corina Caprioriu at the London Olympics.
From sport to banking

But can the banking system follow a model? It’s very difficult, admits Oprescu, because banks are under general criticism stemming from fundamental flaws in the global financial system. He says traditional credit institutions, which attract deposits from the public and manage to channel these funds into the real economy, have suffered from investment banks taking extremely risky positions on risky derivatives.

As for Romanian banks, the banker says that what is to blame is that they imagined that the period of exuberance between 2004 and 2008 could last longer. The head of Alpha Bank said that the biggest threat to the Romanian banking system is that the level of domestic savings is not sufficient to sustain non-governmental credit.

And bankers…sing

About the song “Summer I don’t sleep” he says that it portrays a whole atmosphere of the young generation. “I found the song ‘Summer I don’t sleep’ absolutely special, it really got me, to be honest, I listened to it a lot when it was released, because it managed to portray a whole atmosphere”.

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