Alpha Bank Romania reduced by up to 2.25 percent the margin on mortgage loans granted in lei. For a mortgage loan in lei, the interest margin has been lowered to 4.5% above the 3-month Robor, and the minimum down payment is now 15%, compared to a minimum of 25% for a similar loan in euro. The bank’s margin is now lower for lei than for euro mortgages, but the total interest rate, plus the Robor index, is more than 3 percent higher. Alpha Bank clients who transfer their salary benefit from a discount of 0.25 percent compared to the standard version. In addition to the interest rate, clients also pay an analysis fee of 400 euros. For refinancing loans in lei, the bank’s margin has been reduced by 2.25%, 0.25% more than the standard loan. The interest rate is 4.25% or 4% for clients who transfer their income, plus the 3-month Robor interest rate. In the case of the refinancing loan, Alpha Bank will waive the 400 euro analysis fee. If for a mortgage loan in lei, the interest margin can reach up to 4%, for a Prima Casa loan, the bank imposes a margin of 2.5% over the 3-month Robor.

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